Just How Much Does Aqours Actually Perform During Lives?

A few weeks ago, I went to my local movie theater to see a delayed viewing of Aqours 3rd Live. Anime idols and eventing is a culture I’ve gotten pretty deep into in the last 2-3 years, and the opportunity to watch a performance from the convenience of a neighborhood theater is a welcome one for me. I enjoy the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime and I like the (real and fictional) girls of Aqours just fine. I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore “Love Liver” but I think they have good songs that are really fun to go crazy to in a noisy room.

After the event, one of the first things my friends and I talked about wasn’t the curious exclusion of “MIRAI TICKET”, Inami Anju’s backflip, or the character songs — it was just how many intermissions there were during the set. I remember exchanging furtive glances with those around me during yet another costume change, anime insert, or extended MC session.

This isn’t the first Aqours concert I’ve seen, either. I’ve been to 2nd Live and Hakodate Unit Carnival DV’s and I also remember them having a noticeable preponderance of intermissions. I joked that there must be more intermissions than singing during Aqours lives!

Then I got really curious.

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