Event Report: i☆Ris at Anime Weekend Atlanta

Last year, after the announcement that Wake Up, Girls! was disbanding, in my rage I swore that I would never follow another Avex artist again. While that pledge was obviously extemporaneous, devoid of gravity and bought on by frustration, it is ironic that I have since seen three different Avex artists in 2019. WUG themselves in March, The World Standard in the summer, and now i☆Ris last weekend. Doing an event report for Wasuta at Anime North had completely slipped my mind somehow; why do I even have this blog if I can’t write up such a memorable experience? But I will not make that mistake again, so here is what went down this year at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

When i☆Ris was announced for AWA several months ago, my friends and I confirmed almost immediately. I really like their uptempo music, and from their tangential collaborations with WUG, I was familiar with the group.

Anime Weekend Atlanta

Lauren (@Kan_Kan_Mikan_), Misha (@DJMikeHuynh), and I flew in on Thursday without any issues. By sheer luck, we bumped into our hotel roommate nemu (@nemu_no_mune) at the airport, along with my good friend TheBigN. There was not much to do until later at night, when a Mogra rave was happening. The rave was fun for a while, but like all Mogra raves that happen at major conventions in North America, it was watered down for the more casual audience. I wasn’t expecting Anisong Index, but the energy really just wasn’t there in general. I felt like the bass in the room was really unbalanced and the overall audio quality could have been better. It’s nothing like the Mogra you see on Twitch or in person.

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CharaExpo 2018

I am sure by now you’ve heard of the absolute clusterfuck that went down at CharaExpo last weekend. On Friday night, the night before the event started, I saw people already in line at 8pm like it was Black Friday or something. CharaExpo staff mentioned that lining up before 6am was prohibited, but I guess nothing was really stopping them. They even wrote numbers on their hands so they can remember thier position in line — as if that nonsense would work. I wasn’t so far removed from sense to line up for 14 hours to have some seiyuu scribble on a piece of cardboard for me. I was in Anaheim and I was going to spend Friday night having fun with my fri-HAHA JUST KIDDING

Two months ago, I decided to confirm to CharaExpo after seeing the guest lineup and how it would feature both BanG Dream and Revue Starlight; two franchises that I absolutely adore. Judging by the size and narrow focus of the event, I expected a chill, easygoing convention and to see some seiyuu and maybe watch a live.

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