CharaExpo 2018

I am sure by now you’ve heard of the absolute clusterfuck that went down at CharaExpo last weekend. On Friday night, the night before the event started, I saw people already in line at 8pm like it was Black Friday or something. CharaExpo staff mentioned that lining up before 6am was prohibited, but I guess nothing was really stopping them. They even wrote numbers on their hands so they can remember thier position in line — as if that nonsense would work. I wasn’t so far removed from sense to line up for 14 hours to have some seiyuu scribble on a piece of cardboard for me. I was in Anaheim and I was going to spend Friday night having fun with my fri-HAHA JUST KIDDING

Two months ago, I decided to confirm to CharaExpo after seeing the guest lineup and how it would feature both BanG Dream and Revue Starlight; two franchises that I absolutely adore. Judging by the size and narrow focus of the event, I expected a chill, easygoing convention and to see some seiyuu and maybe watch a live.

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